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Born out of a mutual love for the fifties era, "The Wonderers" bring you an

accurate representation of a 1950's Rock N Roll Act.

The Wonderers

are one of the finest 1950's Rock N Roll Cover acts around.

Based in

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, The Wonderers bring the "Feel",
"Look" and

Sound of the 1950's to any event.

Made up of Professional Musicians of

which have performed all over the world
to audiences of over 50,000 people,

including the likes of Las Vegas,
Nevada, USA, India, Bahrain and many more

international cities.

Fronted by "Joe Jive" a die hard Elvis Presley fan,

a dead ringer for the
King of Rock N Roll Himself and excellent entertainer

with an accurate Rock
N Roll singing voice to match, not to mention a

fantastic guitarist who has
studied the likes of "Scotty Moore" and "Chuck

Berry" for many years.

With "Gee John Bop" on piano recreating the sound

of "Little Richard, "Jerry
Lee Lewis", an excellent musician who has been in

the business for over 20

On Bass is the beautiful "Little

Rudy" an excellent bass player and singer.
"Little Rudy" has been of a fan

of Rock N Roll since her early years - a
true professional.


heartbeat of the band is "The Big Hopper" a great drummer, he has been a

of Rock N Roll music since first hearing "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley at

grandmothers house, he has been hooked since then and completes the

"Wonderers" line-up perfectly!

Not only do The Wonderers concentrate

on the music of the 50's they also pay
great attention to detail of the look

of the band, dressing in 1950's
clothing and using 1950's style microphones

and more.

Covering hits from all the legends including :- Elvis Presley,

Jerry Lee
Lewis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino,

Eddie Cochran,
the Everley Brothers and many more...

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